Counselling and  Psychotherapy

Sooner or later, everyone faces challenges and difficulties. Loss and fear, shame and anger come to us all.
Therapy offers us time and space and a trusted ally to help us work through our problems; to recognise and affirm our strengths and potentials; to find our way to acceptance and change; to a more enriching and inspiring life.
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Ecotherapy, or nature-based therapy, is ideal for people who enjoy being in, or are seeking a greater connection with nature. Sunset walks, time in the woods or by the river, listening to birdsong, etc.
If you are drawn to quality time being mindful in nature and are seeking healing, change or recovery, ecotherapy could be ideal for you.
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Freedom from Fear

So many of us are affected by anxieties and worries. Some estimates suggest that almost 1 in 5 people suffer from problems directly related to fear. 
Informed by mindfulness, self-compassion, and 3rd wave CBT, we have developed an approach especially for those of us whose lives are limited by anxieties, phobias, OCD, etc.

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Professional Training

Training events and packages for universities, colleges, businesses and organisations. 
Team development, creative facilitation and bespoke training formats are available, as well as half- and full-day sessions on mindfulness; anxiety; ecotherapy; working with children and families; spirituality; acceptance and compassion.

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