Psychotherapy and Counselling

Life can be difficult!

Life can be difficult and, sooner or later, for each of us, it will be. Being human is amazing, but part of the deal is loss and pain.

We are all called upon to navigate the challenges of relationship difficulties, family problems, the stresses and uncertainties of modern living, and the inevitables of aging and illness.

We also have to meet the demands of having a human mind with its capacities to get itself caught up in tangles of depression and despair, anxiety and worry, and other forms of psychological suffering.

Therapy can help us find our way through the difficulties.... a more enriching life.

​​It's hard to summarise psychotherapy as it has different forms and functions for different people. However, there are some general points that can be made:-

Therapy is time and space focused on setting up causes and conditions to support us to grow and find ways to move forward in our lives.

Everyone has a wealth of inner resources for self-healing, creative problem solving, and living life in an enriching way. Therapy sets out to make these resources more conscious and more accessible to us.

Therapy can provide us with new skills (e.g. mindfulness and self-compassion), as well as new ideas and possibilities that allow us to make the most of our potential for wellbeing, positive action, and a fulfilling life.

Therapy can enhance our self-understanding, enabling us to live with more awareness, more appreciation, and more freedom of choice.

What is

Many decades of research has shown that therapy can be helpful for people experiencing a wide range of issues, including:-

Family and Relationship Difficulties
Chronic Pain
Anger Management


Counselling is available in person and online. ​Face to face sessions take place at The Hope Street Centre in Sandbach and in Mow Cop. Online sessions are available via Skype and FaceTime.


Counselling and psychotherapy is a confidential service. 


People usually pay between £25 and £45 per hour, dependant on their income. For those in situations of very low income and in need of support, donations are accepted.
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