Therapeutic Approach and Philosophy

​​Therapy can be relatively short-term, with a focus on a particular issue; a longer process of in-depth transformation; or somewhere in between. Decisions about goals and the form therapy takes are made collaboratively, with each person respected as the authority to choose how and in what way to proceed. 
The approach is grounded in a ​deep respect for human nature and its innate capacity for healing, resilience, adaptability, and growth

Taking a holistic perspective, appreciation is given to the body as well as the mind, the spirit as well as the environment. Each person is understood to be both unique and an expression of collective humanity, with particular life circumstances, family situation, and personal preferences. This means that whatever form therapy takes, it needs to be tailored specifically to each person.

Collaboration is a core element, with an open and egalitarian approach taken to therapy; counsellor and client working together as allies.
Therapy offers a safe space in which to find and develop:-

 Solutions to problems

New skills; new ideas; new ways of being
& relating

Inner strengths, inner qualities & a deeper sense of life purpose

​​Principles over profit. The priority is always to provide a beneficial, quality service for all who access it, irrespective of their financial situation.

Gareth Williams

Gareth has been involved in counselling, psychotherapy and mindfulness since 1997. Prior to this he completed a psychology degree and a Masters exploring shamanism.​

He loves his work, qualified in 2000, and has worked with hundreds of people - individuals, both children and adults, families and groups. In 2015 he left a 6-year position as a senior counsellor with Mind to develop a private practice. ​

Over the past 20 years, Gareth has studied a wide range of psychotherapies and is currently a visiting teacher on the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at Manchester University. Alongside current special interests in creativity, ecotherapy and spirituality, he has been developing a therapeutic approach rooted in mindfulness and compassion that can help people become free of suffering related to anxiety, worry and fear. 

​Gareth is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and a supervisor with The Mindfulness Association.

Venues, Location and Fees

Based on the border between Staffordshire and Cheshire, Gareth currently works in Stoke-on-Trent, Crewe, Sandbach and Mow Cop. He is also available online via Skype and FaceTime. 

Gareth offers a sliding scale of fees between £25 and £45 per session, depending on each person's financial situation. For those on very low incomes, donations are accepted.

Sessions usually last between 50 minutes and an hour.​

"If you think working with me can be of benefit to you, please get in touch."

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